ISIDORe new calls for transnational access open

18. 11. 2022 Call News

We would like to inform you about a new range of transnational access calls recently launched under the ISIDORe project. These are free-of-charge open calls on specific pathogens and related-services accessible to researchers in the EU and abroad. Details about the open calls are available at ISIDORe website. Find out more about how INFRAFRONTIER contributes…

2nd ISIDORe project webinar

18. 11. 2022 Event

29 November 2022, Zoom meeting / Advancing Research on Epidemic-Prone Diseases: ISIDORe Calls and Services to Support Researchers

Join INFRAFRONTIER-IMPC Satellite Event at ICRI 2022

10. 10. 2022 Information News

Global and European Infrastructures IMPC and INFRAFRONTIER Towards the Deciphering of Gene Functions for Human Health 18 October 2022, 13:00 – 15:00  Hybrid event (Brno, Czech Republic + Zoom) European and world-wide research infrastructures such as IMPC and INFRAFRONTIER will provide comprehensive resources to unravel gene function in physiology and disease. These infrastructures are used…


07. 10. 2022 Event

6 – 7 October 2022, Prague, Czech Republic / The meeting of Working Groups and the Management Committee of the COST Action “Improving biomedical research by automated behaviour monitoring in the animal home-cage” took place at the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Czech Academy in Prague.

CCP user Svante Pääbo awarded The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2022

03. 10. 2022 News

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2022 was awarded to Svante Pääbo “for his discoveries concerning the genomes of extinct hominins and human evolution”. More information here. Svante Pääbo from Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, uses research services of the Czech Centre for Phenogenomics, and was a keynote speaker at…

Functional genomics at BIOCEV Days

30. 09. 2022 Event

11 October 2022, Vestec, Czech Republic / BIOCEV DAYS 2022, annual scientific conference with poster session. It will be held from 10 to 12 October in the BIOCEV Center. This conference will offer a great opportunity for research communities to connect, to share knowledge, collaborate and learn from others’ experiences. The session Functional genomics chaired…

10 PhD fellowships in Gene Therapy of Rare Diseases in EU funded Doctoral Network

29. 09. 2022 Jobs News

GetRADI Doctoral Network is hiring !!! Do not miss the deadline on 31 October 2022. Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Leiden University Medical Center, University of Copenhagen, Medical Center University of Freiburg, AstraZeneca, Max Delbrück Centre for Molecular Medicine, Miltenyi Biotech Prague (CZ), Leiden (NL), Freiburg (DE), Copenhagen (DK), Gothenburg…

Radislav Sedlacek in a panel discussion “Ethics and Innovations”

27. 09. 2022 Event

10 October 2022, Prague, Czech Republic / On the occasion of the Week of Innovations, Radislav Sedlacek, director of the Czech Centre for Phenogenomics will participate in a panel discussion on ethics and innovation. The perspective of innovation in the discussion includes the entire breadth of fields: digital technology, cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, the field of…

Research infrastructures at the BIOCEV centre in the sights of European Research Area and Innovation Committee (ERAC)

13. 09. 2022 Event Lecture News

On the occasion of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU, on September 12, 2022, diplomats from the EU member states at the Council of the EU visited the BIOCEV center. This visit followed the excursion of the informal EU Council of Research Ministers, which took place on 21 July 2022.The aim was…

CCP Course “Python for Scientists”

09. 09. 2022 Course Event

19 – 20 October 2022, BIOCEV, Vestec / 2-day course introducing participants to Python is organized by the Czech Centre for Phenogenomics (IMG CAS). In recent years, Python has become the most popular programming language thanks to a simplified syntax (easy to learn for beginners) and an extremely large ecosystem of libraries and packages. Genomic…

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