Preclinical Tests Already Implemented

  • Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics (& Toxicity)
  • DSS induced colitis
  • AOM-DSS model of colitis induced cancerogenesis
  • High fat diet induced obesity
  • High glucose induced diabetes
  • CDX – cancerogenesis progress analysed by whole body imaging (luminiscence)

NEW !!! Therapy of Infectious Diseases

High-risk infectious biological agents and toxins can be researched in the certified Biosafety Level 3 (BSL-3) laboratory. We provide experimental setting for in vivo testing of potential chemotherapeutics against a range of available pathogens. We are open to project-based and long-term collaborations to introduce new biological agents for testing viral, bacterial or parasitic diseases and develop and carry out suitable treatment plans.

We provide support with administrative work, including drafting and submitting project license for work on laboratory animals according to Czech and European law and in compliance with ethical guidelines. We can carry out transport and cultivation of high-risk pathogens, infect animals and administer supplied treatment. The Czech Centre for Phenogenomics has a wide range of available animals that are suitable for whole organism screens or selected tissue studies, as well as customizable sensitized, obese, immunocompromised or cancer models.

Close cooperation of several phenotyping units on preclinical testing projects allows early evaluation of tested compounds and supports assessments for perusing clinical and technological development. We provide standardized or customized reports for industrial applications, investor presentations, grant applications and provide support in preparing manuscripts.