Partner projects within the Strategy AV21 of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Centre for Preclinical Testing

The Czech Centre for Phenogenomics is participating in the activities of the Centre for Preclinical Testing (CPT). After obtaining the certificate of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) in January 2017, the CPT commenced activities with the support of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

The primary mission of the CPT is to perform preclinical testing of substances that have successfully passed through basic research, and thus to contribute towards the development of new pharmaceuticals to combat life-threatening diseases, including those currently difficult to cure.

The Institute of Physiology of the Czech Academy of Sciences performs a coordination role for the CPT, and testing is also performed by the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, including the national infrastructure Czech Centre for Phenogenomics, the Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, and the Institute of Biotechnology of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

The CPT offers a broad portfolio of tests under Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). The CPT offers its services to customers from both the academic and commercial sectors. Testing is carried out by recognised experts with long-term experience. The great advantages are the coordinated approach, flexibility, and the comprehensive nature of the offered services. You can find out more about the scope of CPT activities on the website

Established preclinical tests:

  • Toxicity studies, including toxicokinetic studies of promising chemical or biological agents on model animals – rodents and non-rodents (test systems: mouse, nude mouse, rat, guinea pig, rabbit, minipig) in compliance with ICH and OECD guidelines
  • Bioanalytical, hematological and biochemical testing of samples taken from animals during toxicity studies (determination of active substance in plasma or other biological matrices
  • Development and validation of bioanalytical methods for various test systems and biological matrices
  • Determination of metabolites in tissues and biological matrices (blood, plasma, urine)
  • Histopathological evaluation of tissues from animals used in toxicity studies
  • Pharmacological studies on xenografts (nude mice) with various cancerous cell lines, including Patient Derived Xenografts (PDX)
  • Cardiology diagnostic tests on animal models – electrocardiogram (ECG), blood pressure measurement, cardiac imaging (Echo)
  • Synthesis, characterization and certification of chemical substances with therapeutic potential, development of formulations for drug application

CPT facilities working under GLP regulations have established quality system, which is regularly inspected internally by the Quality assurance unit, by the National Authority and by our customers.

Towards Precision Medicine and Gene Therapy

In January 2022, a new research programme “Towards precision medicine and gene therapy” coordinated by the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Czech Academy of Sciences was approved by the Science Council of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

1) to characterize new pathogenic gene variants that can serve as new gene therapy targets,
2) to provide proof-of-concept of gene therapy for specific diseases in vitro and in vivo models,
3) to develop new tools for gene/drug delivery.

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Virology and Antiviral Therapy

The main goal of this programme is to support the current virology research in the country and reflect the actual challenges. The programme will integrate existing teams focused on virology and support their collaboration as well as sharing of material and equipment. Also, the transfer of the obtained results towards application will be encouraged.

The programme is coordinated by the Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences

More information in English or in Czech.