Virology and Antiviral Therapy

CCP reacted immediately to urgent society needs with Covid19 epidemic. From the beginning of year 2020 CCP initiated its activities to provide efficient mouse models for Covid19 research and also preclinical testing of new therapies that were presented to stakeholders. As a result, CCP has been providing testing models for several academic research projects and also commercial preclinical testing.

In this context, CCP also participates in the Research programme of the Czech Academy of Sciences 21 Strategy “Virology and antiviral therapy”.

Research within this programme focuses on human, animal, and plant viruses, with a particular focus on structural and molecular aspects of their replication in the host cells. The pathogenesis of viral infections, including immune and immunopathological reactions by the host, will also be investigated. Attention will be paid to research on novel strategies to prevent and treat viral infections, employing the most modern vaccinology and medicinal chemistry approaches. New microchip-based diagnostics methods to detect viruses will be developed. The planned research has vast application potential in the field of development and testing of new diagnostics approaches, vaccines, immunotherapeutics, and antivirals.

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Czech Academy of Sciences 21 Strategy

Biology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences – coordinator of the research programme (in Czech)