Animal Facility

The Animal Facility Module of the Czech Center for Phenogenomics is based on the latest advances in housing, breeding and care of laboratory mice and rats. We have built one of the most progressive animal facilities in regards to logistics, versatility and demand for animal health and welfare. More info

The CCP animal facility contains five individual, fully separated breeding and experimental barrier areas as well as an autonomous quarantine area. Each barrier includes modern devices such as large volume steam sterilizers and H2O2 chambers, air or wet-shower entry areas, pass through biosafety cabinets, modern and eco-friendly HVAC technology.

All of these important devices help us to keep a controlled SPF (specific pathogen-free) environment in the barriers. All animals are housed in individually ventilated cages (IVC) or digitally ventilated cages (DVC). This state-of-the-art-technology significantly improves the animal welfare level and animal facility efficiency as well as it allows the detection of anomalous behaviour (sick or wounded animals), reduce animal stress and provide continuous information about animal activity. To facilitate all animal care procedures, AFM employs latest semi-automated washing technology including a tunnel cage washer, bottle washer, rack washer, and waste disposal and bedding dispensing vacuum system to increase the in-house biosecurity.

Conception of buildings and animal facility management is in accordance with highest world standards for laboratory animals and in compliance with EU legislation. It is regularly inspected by appropriate authorities and is leading to get international respected AAALAC accreditation.

Head of Animal Facility Module Vestec: Libor Kopkan, D.V.M., Ph.D.