Cooperation with Industry

The work of CCP and its service portfolio is also very attractive for pro-profit organisation. Although CCP has started its phenotyping work only recently, gradually after finalizing the new building, there are already several companies cooperating with CCP:

SOTIO a.s. is a biotechnology company developing new Active Cellular Immunotherapy using patient’s activated dendritic cells for the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases. SOTIO develops new therapies using its immunotherapy platform and proprietary cell-based technologies. Our Immunology Unit provided Sotio a.s. with services in assessment of tumor growth. This was official contractual research. Moreover, CCP provided Sotio with additional services in clinical biochemistry.

TSE Systems GmbH is a leading supplier of sophisticated research instrumentation for animal models. The company’s focus is providing turnkey solutions for customers, with modular designs of integrated hardware and software platforms for laboratory animal research such as neuroscience phenotyping, drug screening and toxicology. We are working together with TSE and Infrafrontier GmbH on a project supported by German grant to develop new technologies for physiology research.

Techniplast, is company based in Italy, which develops and sells high-quality products for animal care as well as related equipment. CCP and Techniplast are now preparing research collaboration towards improvement of technologies for breeding laboratory rodents. This collaboration will be part of a contractual agreement.

Apigenex s.r.o. is a growing contract research organization based in Prague, Czech Republic that provides pharmaceutical and chemical companies with services in drug discovery related research. Together with Apigenix, we developed new methods to analyse environmental genotoxic stress and mutagenicity.

EXBIO, the Biotech Company is a previous startup of the Institute of Molecular Genetics CAS. we maintain long-term cooperation with this company because of the generation of monoclonal antibodies.

Biopharm a.s. This private research institute used the services of CCP Biochemistry lab several times. We provided them with fast and reliable immunoadsorption assays.

Dyntec spol. s r.o. The long term cooperation has been established. CCP serves as a testing site to help the company with testing of safety of veterinary vaccines.

Infrafrontier GmbH. IMG (CCP) is one of the funding members. Infrafrontier GmbH is a company organizing the Infrafrontier pan-European ESFRI project for phenotyping of mouse mutants. In additional, it provides world-wide services regarding the Mouse mutant archiving service. CCP participates on this and sells unique mutants via this platform.