INFRAFRONTIER Seminar: Recent Advances in Human Disease Modeling

27. 05. 2022 Event

1 June 2022, Oulu, Finland / The hybrid event gathers European INFRAFRONTIER partners together to present their recent achievements in biomedicine and technological advances in modeling human diseases. More information: University of Oulu

Gene therapy of rare diseases – opportunity for prospective PhD students

11. 05. 2022 Uncategorized

Czech Centre for Phenogenomics is a member of the consortium gathered in the new Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action Doctoral Network focused on gene therapy of rare diseases. The project, coordinated by the University of Copenhagen, was approved by the European Commission in April and will start in September 2022. This project is a unique opportunity for…

Advances in modelling COVID-19 in animals

05. 05. 2022 News Paper Publication

In a recently published review article, experts from the Czech Centre for Phenogenomics summarised all generated SARS-CoV2-related animal models to date, evaluated their suitability for COVID-19 research, and addressed the current and future state of the importance of animal models in this field. Nickl P, Raishbrook MJ, Syding LA and Sedlacek R (2022) Advances in…

Korean-Czech Forum on Genome Editing for Human Diseases

04. 05. 2022 Event

8 May 2022, Seoul, Republic of Korea / A bilateral meeting between the Korea Mouse Phenotyping Center and the Czech Centre for Phenogenomics took place on 8 May 2022 in Seoul. The experts from both centres shared their experience about genome editing and discussed future collaborations. The meeting was open by Young Hye Kim, director…

Preclinical testing of venom-derived compounds – open call for services

02. 05. 2022 Call Service

In the framework of the EUVEN COST Action the unique phenotyping infrastructure Czech Centre for Phenogenomics (CCP) will support researchers in searching for the novel utilization of venom-derived compounds and identifying their translational potential and identifying physiological functions of toxin compounds. CCP offers the following services free of charge within this open call: Acute toxicity…

Morphological Mouse Phenotyping – Embryology, Anatomy, Histology and Imaging (Course)

21. 04. 2022 Course Event

4-12 July 2022, Barcelona, Spain / The fourth course on Mouse Embryology, Anatomy, Histology, and Anatomical Basis of Imaging will take place in a dual delivery mode: face-to-face in the Veterinary School at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona; and on-line. The aim is to provide graduate, master, PhD and postdoc students with basic and expert…

Radislav Sedlacek participated in the panel discussion at EU-AMRI launch event

14. 04. 2022 News PR

“Research infrastructures are perfectly positioned to co-work at the frontier of science and industry.”, said Radislav Sedlacek, Director of the Czech Centre for Phenogenomics and the former Chair of the ESFRI Health and Food Strategic Working Group at the EU-AMRI launch event, which took place on 5th April 2022 in Brussels. You can watch the…


13. 04. 2022 Event

8-10 May 2022, Seoul, Republic of Korea / Insights into the gene function that IMPC and INFRAFRONTIER have consistently explored through mouse models play a crucial role in advancing biomedical science. The meeting will bring together IMPC and INFRAFRONTIER delegates across the globe, as well as domestic experts from academia, research institutes, industries and the…

Вакансії для біженців з України

18. 03. 2022 Information Jobs

Czech Centre for Phenogenomics пропонує науковцям та лаборантам з України можливість займатися дослідницькою діяльністю в нашому центрі. Ми також вітаємо тих, хто зацікавлений у посаді лаборанта з догляду за лабораторними тваринами для якої не потрібно мати наукову освіту. Для отримання більш детальної інформації, будь ласка, відвідайте сторінку вакансій на нашому веб-сайті.

EU-AMRI Launch Event

14. 03. 2022 Event

5 April 2022, online / EU-AMRI, the European Alliance of Medical Research Infrastructures, is the collaboration between the European research infrastructures BBMRI-ERIC, EATRIS-ERIC, and ECRIN-ERIC. Radislav Sedlacek from CCP, former Chair of the ESFRI Health and Food Strategic Working Group, will participate in the roundtable discussion. Registration is free of charge. More information: EU-AMRI website.