Radislav Sedlacek in a panel discussion “Ethics and Innovations”

27. 09. 2022 Event

10 October 2022, Prague, Czech Republic / On the occasion of the Week of Innovations, Radislav Sedlacek, director of the Czech Centre for Phenogenomics will participate in a panel discussion on ethics and innovation. The perspective of innovation in the discussion includes the entire breadth of fields: digital technology, cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, the field of…

Research infrastructures at the BIOCEV centre in the sights of European Research Area and Innovation Committee (ERAC)

13. 09. 2022 Event Lecture News

On the occasion of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU, on September 12, 2022, diplomats from the EU member states at the Council of the EU visited the BIOCEV center. This visit followed the excursion of the informal EU Council of Research Ministers, which took place on 21 July 2022.The aim was…

CCP Course “Python for Scientists”

09. 09. 2022 Course Event

19 – 20 October 2022, BIOCEV, Vestec / 2-day course introducing participants to Python is organized by the Czech Centre for Phenogenomics (IMG CAS). In recent years, Python has become the most popular programming language thanks to a simplified syntax (easy to learn for beginners) and an extremely large ecosystem of libraries and packages. Genomic…

CCP Conference 2022 is near

We would like to remind that CCP conference 2022 is coming with rich program focusing or rare diseases, experimental models and delivery of therapies and with many distinguished speakers confirmed. The registration for onsite or online participation is still open as well as possibility to submit your abstracts. For more details about the event, its…

IVIM – IntraVital Microscopy Workshop

24. 08. 2022 Event

15-16 September 2022, Vestec, Czech Republic / Accela in collaboration with the Czech Centre for Phenogenomics organizes a workshop on intravital microscopy (IVIM technology). Explore a technology that enables you to directly observe the movement of live cells that make up living tissue in vivo. With this technique, it is possible to distinguish an individual cell…

Isidore Information Webinar

24. 06. 2022 Event

12 July 2022, Online / 10AM-11:30AM CEST The ISIDORe consortium has recently launched its first call to support research on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19. It provides free of charge access to more than 300 services from ISIDORe’s integrated portfolio of cutting-edge research services dedicated to epidemic-prone disease research. It will follow in coming weeks with a…

Global and European Infrastructures IMPC and INFRAFRONTIER Towards the Deciphering of Gene Functions for Human Health

21. 06. 2022 Event

18 October 2022, Brno, Czech Republic / Satellite event of the ICRI Conference The satellite event aims to showcase the scientific achievements and impact on various areas of human disease research and share its experience of the management of the scientific data produced, and describe how IMPC and INFRAFRONTIER with their resources and technologies strive…

International Congress of Research on Rare and Orphan Diseases – RE(ACT) Congress and IRDiRC Conference

27. 05. 2022 Event

15 – 18 March 2023, Berlin, Germany / This joint event continues the IRDiRC Conference series (5th edition) and the RE(ACT) Congress series (7th edition). It aims to bring together scientific leaders, experts, and young scientists from various breakthrough scientific fields to present cutting-edge research, exchange ideas, and discuss policies related to rare diseases research.…

INFRAFRONTIER Seminar: Recent Advances in Human Disease Modeling

27. 05. 2022 Event

1 June 2022, Oulu, Finland / The hybrid event gathers European INFRAFRONTIER partners together to present their recent achievements in biomedicine and technological advances in modeling human diseases. More information: University of Oulu

Korean-Czech Forum on Genome Editing for Human Diseases

04. 05. 2022 Event

8 May 2022, Seoul, Republic of Korea / A bilateral meeting between the Korea Mouse Phenotyping Center and the Czech Centre for Phenogenomics took place on 8 May 2022 in Seoul. The experts from both centres shared their experience about genome editing and discussed future collaborations. The meeting was open by Young Hye Kim, director…

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