IMPC Spring 2024 Meeting – ‘Beyond the Genome’

23. 02. 2024 Event

28 – 30 April 2024, Cape Town, South Africa / The first ever IMPC “Spring” Meeting to be held in Africa and aims to convene leading international experts to deliver overview lectures that provide a global perspective on our topic: “Beyond the Genome”. Advances in nucleic acid-based therapies, based on the conventional coding genome, but also on noncoding gene sequences, as well as epigenetic programming, continue to reshape healthcare worldwide, creating opportunities for us to deliver personalized medicine, innovative treatments for rare and previously incurable diseases, and the potential for more affordable therapies for all. Our meeting topics are specifically directed towards the noncoding genome and the impact of epigenetics on phenotype and disease therapy. This is an opportunity to network with fellow experts, academics and trainees in this field of expertise. Registration and functions for this event is free of charge. Delegates just need to cover their own travel and accommodation costs.

For more information visit event’s website.