We are searching a new colleague for CCP histology lab

13. 05. 2022 Information Jobs

A new position of a Histology Lab Technician is available in the CCP. For more details go to our Career page.

Вакансії для біженців з України

18. 03. 2022 Information Jobs

Czech Centre for Phenogenomics пропонує науковцям та лаборантам з України можливість займатися дослідницькою діяльністю в нашому центрі. Ми також вітаємо тих, хто зацікавлений у посаді лаборанта з догляду за лабораторними тваринами для якої не потрібно мати наукову освіту. Для отримання більш детальної інформації, будь ласка, відвідайте сторінку вакансій на нашому веб-сайті.

UPDATE: New jobs available in the CCP

17. 08. 2021 Jobs News

Looking for an adventure of finding new phenotypes and good perspective for personal development? CCP welcomes applications for the following open positions: MALDI imaging researcher assistant / lab technician Research Specialist / Technical Specialist in Immunology Unit Head for Lung and Cardiovascular phenotyping For more detail about the positions please check our Career page

New jobs in CCP

24. 08. 2020 Information Jobs

As CCP is constantly developing we would like to inform you about our current job openings. MALDI research specialist Lung Phenotyping Module head For more details please see our Career page

Jobs available in CCP

10. 02. 2020 Information Jobs

We would like to announce new jobs available at CCP. We are currently seeking candidates for the positions of MALDI  imaging researcher and a Unit Head for Lung Phenotyping. Laboratory of the Transgenic Models of Diseases  of the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Czech Academy of Sciences is looking for a Highly motivated PhD…

New jobs available at CCP

15. 11. 2019 Call Information Jobs

We would like to announce new jobs available in CCP. We are currently seeking a laboratory technician for vision unit and a veterinary technician for animal operations and PDX models. For more details please see our CAREER page.

New job offerings – lab technicians

29. 01. 2019 Information Jobs

We would like to welcome applications for newly available positions of lab technicians for for histology lab and for pharmacology tests. For more details about the positions and other available jobs please see our career page.

Job available – bioinformatician / data analyst (senior)

If you are looking for exciting work in analysis of large complex data sets and good perspective for personal development, we welcome your application for the open position of BIOINFORMATICIAN / DATA ANALYST – SENIOR for the bioinformatics team of the CCP At the position you will be responsible for – Analysis of metabolomics and…

Jobs available!

20. 09. 2017 Information Jobs

We are hiring! For more details please see our career page

PhD position available

06. 01. 2017 Call Jobs

We would like to inform you about PhD position available in the Laboratory of Transgenic Models of Diseases that is part of BIOCEV research program 1 focused on elucidation of the biological role of Tiki, Wnt-specific Metalloproteases Project description: The project focuses on TIKI1 and especially TIKI2 (TRABD2A and TRABD2B genes) whose biological role in…