Invitation – JAX Tour in CCP / BIOCEV

27. 04. 2016 Event Information Lecture

We would like to invite you for

JAX tour – 19 May 2016
by Peter Kelmenson, BA Technical Information Scientist, The Jackson Laboratory

Key differences among B6 substrains and the research impact
The most widely used inbred strain, C57BL/6 (B6), has several substrains such as the B6J and the
B6N and many assume them to be genetically identical. However there are genetic and phenotypic
differences between them that can confound interpreting and reproducing results. Join us to learn

Comparing models for obesity and diabetes research

Multiple inbred mouse models serve as powerful tools to study the genetics, underlying mechanisms,
and therapies for human type 2 diabetes. In this webinar, you will learn about the strengths
and weaknesses of the most popular and emerging strains to assist you in selecting the best model
for your research application.

Introduction to humanized mice for cancer immunotherapy

The mammalian immune system has developed surveillance mechanisms that can detect cancerous
cells; however successful tumor cells have evolved strategies to evade detection. Current therapeutic
strategies focus on improving cancer cell recognition and tumor elimination. Mouse models
have been instrumental in the development of these therapies, including both immunocompetent
and immunodeficient mice.

Organizers: Velaz, Czech Centre for Phenogenomics
For more information please contact Mr Marek Baxa (at or phone: +420 736 462 258)
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The event will take place in seminar room of the Czech Centre for Phenogenomic in BIOCEV in Vestec.