CCP evaluated in the International peer-review of large research infrastructures in the Czech Republic in 2021

13. 12. 2021 Information News

In the first half of 2021, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports organized an international peer-review of large research infrastructures in the Czech Republic, which results were published in December. The purpose of this evaluation was to obtain independent expert reviews about the performance of large research infrastructures.

CCP confirmed its top level. According to the evaluation board, CCP is representing a unique research infrastructure in terms of expertise in generation of gene/genome engineered rodent models based on using state-of-the-art technologies of CRISPR/Cas and other technologies such as ESC, or TALENs. CCP has contributed to the development of an impressive number of genetically modified murine models. There is no doubt that CCP receives distinct international recognition. As a frontier member, CCP contributes strongly and significantly to ensure the impact and excellence of INFRAFRONTIER and IMPC.

Overall, CCP is appearing as a very successful research infrastructure with a significant contribution to the research community. CCP also appears as a very ambitious infrastructure with clear goals of expansion. This expansion involves activities focused on preclinical research and transition to a distributed research infrastructure to include partners with expertise in the planned expanded fields.

Comprehensive document on the International peer-review of large research infrastructures submitted to the Czech Government – download