Czech-Swiss project “SARS-Cov-2: understanding the entry, multi-organ spread and immune response in the context of vaccination and re-infection” received funding.

28. 01. 2022 Information News

Our collaboration with Luca Varani’s lab from the Institute for Research in Biomedicine in Bellinzona in Switzerland will expand thanks to the grants of the Czech and the Swiss Science Foundations. Both foundations decided to fund our joint project “SARS-Cov-2: understanding the entry, multi-organ spread and immune response in the context of vaccination and re-infection”…

Scientific Advisory Board met virtually

24. 01. 2022 Information News

On Friday 21st January 2022, the Scientific Advisory Board met virtually and discussed with CCP management the achievements of 2021 and future directions of the Centre for the period 2022-2029. Besides the traditional reports about 2021 outcomes in research services, research and development of new methodologies, the presented highlights focused on: Cardiovascular comprehensive screening for…

New CCP e-Newsletter 2021

11. 01. 2022 Information News

The first issue of our brand new online newsletter is available on We are delighted to share our recent achievements and updates on mouse phenogenomics, so from now on, the latest developments at CCP will be directly delivered to you via e-mail, with a dedicated website and interesting links for further reading. Enjoy reading…

CCP evaluated in the International peer-review of large research infrastructures in the Czech Republic in 2021

13. 12. 2021 Information News

In the first half of 2021, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports organized an international peer-review of large research infrastructures in the Czech Republic, which results were published in December. The purpose of this evaluation was to obtain independent expert reviews about the performance of large research infrastructures. CCP confirmed its top level. According…

Infrafrontier in the new ESFRI 2021 Roadmap

10. 12. 2021 Information News

The updated ESFRI Roadmap was published this week. INFRAFRONTIER is mentioned as an example of ESFRI Research Infrastructures in response to emergencies, specifically to the covid-19 crisis. “INFRAFRONTIER rapidly evolved a broad portfolio of services to evaluate the potential of new anti-COVID-19 compounds and therapeutics on suitable humanized models as well as BSL3 laboratories for…

Visit of Central Bohemian government to CCP

16. 07. 2021 Information PR

The Governor of the Central Bohemian Region Petra Pecková, Regional Council Member for the Environment Jana Skopalíková, and Regional Council Member for Health Pavel Pavlík visited the Czech Centre for Phenogenomics during their visit of BIOCEV, the joint research campus of the Czech Academy of Sciences and Charles University in Vestec near Prague, on 14th…

New ESFRI Health & Food infrastructures announced

07. 07. 2021 Information News

The ESFRI announced the new three research infrastructures in the Health and Food domain to be included in the new ESFRI Roadmap 2021: EBRAINS (European Brain Research Infrastructures) is a distributed digital infrastructure at the interface of neuroscience, computing and technology, offering scientists and developers advanced tools and services for brain research. EIRENE (Research Infrastructure…

EuroPDX and PDXNet consortia publish a milestone paper on PDX reliability

12. 02. 2021 Information News Service

Woo, X.Y., Giordano, J., Srivastava, A. et al. Conservation of copy number profiles during engraftment and passaging of patient-derived cancer xenografts. Nat Genet 53, 86–99 (2021). Patient-derived xenografts (PDXs) are resected human tumors engrafted into mice for preclinical studies and therapeutic testing. It has been proposed that the mouse host affects tumor evolution during PDX engraftment and propagation, affecting…

IMPC 2020 annual highlights

Do not miss the best of IMPC work, including research publications, data updates, global collaborations in 2020, and IMPC plans for the future.

IMPC elects a new senior leadership team

02. 02. 2021 Information News

The IMPC is pleased to announce the election of a new Senior Leadership Team. Radislav Sedláček is the new Chair of the IMPC, and Yann Herault the new Vice-Chair. Steve Brown, who was the Chair of the IMPC, has stepped down to become the Past Chair. Read the full article at the IMPC website.