Thanks to mice, scientists at the Czech Academy of Sciences identified, for example, the gene behind retinal degeneration

26. 01. 2023 Information News PR

The Czech Academy of Sciences celebrates 70 years. Genetically modified mouse models help reveal the causes of human diseases, explains scientist Radislav Sedláček. Just turn off a gene in a mouse and you will learn which gene could be responsible for one of the diseases in humans. In the next part of our series on…

“Gene Age” travelling lecture tour in 2022 – summary report

23. 01. 2023 Information News PR

“Gene Age” is an accompanying travelling lecture series of the AV21 Strategy research programme “Towards precision medicine and gene therapy “ In December 2022, the Czech Centre for Phenogenomics (CCP) at the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Czech Academy of Sciences organized a traveling series of lectures “The Gene Age” on the topic of…

Join INFRAFRONTIER-IMPC Satellite Event at ICRI 2022

10. 10. 2022 Information News

Global and European Infrastructures IMPC and INFRAFRONTIER Towards the Deciphering of Gene Functions for Human Health 18 October 2022, 13:00 – 15:00  Hybrid event (Brno, Czech Republic + Zoom) European and world-wide research infrastructures such as IMPC and INFRAFRONTIER will provide comprehensive resources to unravel gene function in physiology and disease. These infrastructures are used…

Isoplexis IsoLight Automated Celluar Proteomic in CCP

08. 08. 2022 Information News PR Service

We would like to inform our users that CCP now offers automated single cell functional proteomics analysis on the Isoplexis platform enabling for single cell functional immunophenotyping or phospho-protein analysis. If you want to know more about the device and services available in CCP for your research please check the details at our immunology unit…

A delegation of EU member states, representatives of the Council of the EU and the Ministry of Education,Youth and Sports visited the research infrastructures at the BIOCEV center

22. 07. 2022 Information News PR

On July 21, 2022, a delegation of representatives of the Council of the EU and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports visited the BIOCEV, a joint centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences and Charles University in Vestec near Prague. The goal was to present large research infrastructures and their potential for collaboration in…

AV21 Centre for Preclinical Testing: The path form the test tube to the patients

15. 07. 2022 Information News PR Service

To test substances that have succeeded in basic research and help them on the long journey from the test tube to the development of new drugs. This is the goal of the Centre for Preclinical Testing, funded by the Strategy of the Czech Academy of Sciences AV21. The centre is run in close collaboration of…

Вакансії для біженців з України

18. 03. 2022 Information Jobs

Czech Centre for Phenogenomics пропонує науковцям та лаборантам з України можливість займатися дослідницькою діяльністю в нашому центрі. Ми також вітаємо тих, хто зацікавлений у посаді лаборанта з догляду за лабораторними тваринами для якої не потрібно мати наукову освіту. Для отримання більш детальної інформації, будь ласка, відвідайте сторінку вакансій на нашому веб-сайті.

Towards precision medicine and gene therapy – a new AV21 Strategy programme

01. 03. 2022 Information News PR

Czech Centre for Phenogenomics is coordinating a new research programme “Towards precision medicine and gene therapy” of the AV21 Strategy. Our programme benefits from the synergistic expertise of all partners and creates a multidisciplinary consortium covering the areas of gene editing, organic chemistry of nucleic acid delivery systems, preclinical models of human diseases, and starting with neurosciences…

Mice and genetic scissors help Czech scientists seek treatment for “angelic” children

28. 02. 2022 Information News

On the occasion of the International Day of Rare Diseases Czech Centre for Phenogenomics in collaboration with BIOCEV and Czech Academy of Sciences issued a press release summarizing their research in the area of rare diseases. The press release (in English) is available on the BIOCEV website. The press release (in Czech) is available on…

Mouse models from the Czech Centre for Phenogenomics help in researching Angelman’s syndrome

14. 02. 2022 Information News

We are celebrating the International Angelman Day on 15th February. Angelman’s syndrome is an inherited disease of the central nervous system that causes severe physical and mental disabilities. The team of the Czech Center for Phenogenomics is engaged in research of Angelman’s syndrome (and other rare diseases) on mouse models created by us or already…