AV21 Centre for Preclinical Testing: The path form the test tube to the patients

15. 07. 2022 Information News PR Service

To test substances that have succeeded in basic research and help them on the long journey from the test tube to the development of new drugs. This is the goal of the Centre for Preclinical Testing, funded by the Strategy of the Czech Academy of Sciences AV21.

The centre is run in close collaboration of several institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences. It offers a wide range of services for research institutes, universities, pharma, food and medical device industries.

Czech Centre for Phenogenomics serves as a test site with established quality system, histopathology, clinical chemistry, hematology, imaging, immunology, neurophysiology, cardiology, and PoC pharmacology on xenografts.

The research services of the Centre have been introduced in the latest edition of the Academic Bulletin on pages 38 – 39 (in Czech only).

For more information about the CCP services in preclinical research, please visit our website.