Infrafrontier in the new ESFRI 2021 Roadmap

10. 12. 2021 Information News

The updated ESFRI Roadmap was published this week. INFRAFRONTIER is mentioned as an example of ESFRI Research Infrastructures in response to emergencies, specifically to the covid-19 crisis.

“INFRAFRONTIER rapidly evolved a broad portfolio of services to evaluate the potential of new anti-COVID-19 compounds and therapeutics on suitable humanized models as well as BSL3 laboratories for in vivo testing, through which the compounds can proceed to clinical testing. INFRAFRONTIER has also launched a new service call to provide researchers access to test their innovative and novel COVID-19 therapeutics in a standardized infection pipeline that uses preclinical models developed to study COVID-19 infection and its pathophysiological consequences, including the complete characterization of genes critically involved in the infection and the effect of the new anti-viral compounds.”

ESFRI 2021 Roadmap website

Infrafrontier – ESFRI Landmark in the ESFRI Roadmap