New ESFRI Health & Food infrastructures announced

07. 07. 2021 Information News

The ESFRI announced the new three research infrastructures in the Health and Food domain to be included in the new ESFRI Roadmap 2021:

  • EBRAINS (European Brain Research Infrastructures) is a distributed digital infrastructure at the interface of neuroscience, computing and technology, offering scientists and developers advanced tools and services for brain research.
  • EIRENE (Research Infrastructure for Environmental Exposure Assessment in Europe) is the first EU infrastructure on human exposome (environmental determinants of health).
  • EuPRAXIA (European Plasma Research Accelerator with Excellence in Applications) is a distributed, compact and innovative accelerator facility based on plasma technology, set to construct an electron-beam-driven plasma accelerator in the metropolitan area of Rome, followed by a laser-driven plasma accelerator in European territory.

Press release: ESFRI website