Seminar – Genome editing using programmable nucleases

27. 03. 2014 Event Lecture

We would like to cordially invite you to the seminar Genome editing using programmable nucleases: current developments by the Czech Centre for Phenogenomics (CCP) and Sigma-Aldrich 9:30 Visualizing endogenous protein interactions and translocation in screening Dr. Rainer Ebel, Sigma-Aldrich 10:10 Genome Editing with the CRISPR/Cas9 System Dr. Rainer Ebel, Sigma-Aldrich 10:50 Gene & Genome manipulation…

Second call for mouse production service

04. 12. 2013 Call Information

The EC FP7 funded INFRAFRONTIER-I3 project supports European customers with a free of charge mouse production service. A total of 30 KO mouse models will be produced by this service and will be made available to the wider community via EMMA. The second call supporting the production of 10 KO models is now open Application…

Publication in CELL journal

25. 11. 2013 Information Publication

We are supporting research projects with new fast transgenic mouse technology employing TAL effector nucleases – read more in Flemr M, Malik R, Franke V, Nejepinska J, Sedlacek R, Vlahovicek K, Svoboda P: A Retrotransposon-Driven Dicer Isoform Directs Endogenous Small Interfering RNA Production in Mouse Oocytes. Cell 2013; doi:10.1016/j.cell.2013.10.001 / 155 (4) 807-816.


05. 11. 2013 Event Information Lecture

Biotechnology and Biomedicine Centre of the Academy of Sciences and Charles University in Vestec (BIOCEV) cordially invites you to “BIOCEV DAY” scientific conference on Tuesday 12th November 2013 from 9:00. Invited lectures by C. S. Rahman (University of Maryland, USA) P. Tomancak (MPI Dresden, Germany) D. Stainier (MPI Bad Nauheim, Germany) S. Kmoch (BIOCEV and…

New publication in Oncogene

One of respectable research journals Oncogene, a member of Nature Publishing Group, recently published in its online version the article by Petra Bašová, Vít Pospíšil and co-authors from Dr. Tomáš Stopka’s research group at the Pathophysiology department, First Medical Faculty, Charles University in Prague. This research group is one of new incoming teams in the…

Invitiation to a lecture by Dr. Anton J. M. Roks

01. 10. 2013 Event Lecture

Invitation to a lecture Dr. Anton J. M. Roks Erasmus University Departmant of Pharmacy Rotterdam, Netherlands “The role of genomic instability in vascular aging” on Friday 11th October 2013 at 14:00 in the seminar room 0.194 (ground floor) of IMG ASCR, Vídeňská 1083, Prague 4, Czech Republic

Archiving of Mutant Mouse Strains

17. 04. 2013 Call Information

The Czech Centre for Phenogenomics, Czech node of the European Mouse Mutant Archive (EMMA) is offering free archiving of mutant mouse strains. EMMA is a non-profit repository for the collection, archiving (via cryopreservation) and distribution of relevant mutant strains essential for basic biomedical research. Cryopreservation of your strains offers many benefits: It is an inexpensive…

Free of charge mouse production service available!

02. 04. 2013 Call Information

The EC FP7 funded INFRAFRONTIER-I3 project (2013 – 2016) supports eligible customers with a free of charge mouse production service implemented as a Transnational Access (TA) activity providing a total of 30 access units. The access unit is defined by the production of a minimum of two heterozygous mice carrying the targeted gene allele of…

G3 symposium 2013 (Genes, Genetics & Genomics)

07. 02. 2013 Event Information

First Faculty of Medicine of the Charles University in Prague and Institute of Molecular Genetics of the ASCR will organising one-day symposium dedicated to recent discoveries on physiological as well as pathological cellular and molecular processes. The event will take place at IMG on March 15, 2013. More information and program updates are available at…

Interview for Prague Post

20. 12. 2012 Information Publication

Popular article about our work with laboratory animals at IMG and Biocev and about the head of CCP Dr. Radislav Sedlacek was published in issue of Czech English-language newspapers Prague Post. Full text article is available at the Prague Post website.