OP EC Transgenesis project – education

10. 04. 2015 Education Event Lecture

Here you can find presentation from lectures given by our Transgenesis project team in Brno in February and March 2015.

Cell tracking and manipulation in genetically modified mice
2015-03-31 Presentation 06 Fafilek

Mouse transgenic model to study tumor progression and metastasis in the gut
2015-03-24 Presentation 05 Krausova

Next generation sequencing: designing experiment in transgenic animal research
2015-03-17 Presentation 04 Hroudova

The Czech Centre for Phenogenomics: Design, Generation, and Archiving of your Mutant Mouse Strain
2015-03-10 Presentation 03 Sabol

Talens and CRISPR/Cas9: Genaration of genome engineered mouse models using editable nucleases
2015-03-03 Presentation 02 Fricova

Introduction to gene targeting and genome editing
2015-02-24 Presentation 01 Kinsky