CCP provides new targeting tools for ROSA locus

Dr. Radislav Sedlacek and his team from the Institute of Molecular Genetics has recently published new paper on gene targeting of Rosa26 locus using TALENs. Petr Kasparek, Michaela Krausova, Radka Haneckova, Vitezslav Kriz, Olga Zbodakova,Vladimir Korinek, Radislav Sedlacek. Efficient gene targeting of the Rosa26 locus in mouse zygotes using TALE nucleases. FEBS Letters. Published online: September 18,…

New papers by team of Pavel Stopka

Our colleague Pavel Stopka and his team from the Faculty of Science of Charles University has recently published two papers related to CCP/BIOCEV project. Klinovska K, Sebkova N2, Dvorakova-Hortova K. Sperm-egg fusion: a molecular enigma of Mammalian reproduction. Int J Mol Sci. 2014 Jun 13;15(6):10652-68. doi: 10.3390/ijms150610652. Dvorakova-Hortova K, Sidlova A, Ded L, Hladovcova D,…

Publication in CELL journal

25. 11. 2013 Information Publication

We are supporting research projects with new fast transgenic mouse technology employing TAL effector nucleases – read more in Flemr M, Malik R, Franke V, Nejepinska J, Sedlacek R, Vlahovicek K, Svoboda P: A Retrotransposon-Driven Dicer Isoform Directs Endogenous Small Interfering RNA Production in Mouse Oocytes. Cell 2013; doi:10.1016/j.cell.2013.10.001 / 155 (4) 807-816.

New publication in Oncogene

One of respectable research journals Oncogene, a member of Nature Publishing Group, recently published in its online version the article by Petra Bašová, Vít Pospíšil and co-authors from Dr. Tomáš Stopka’s research group at the Pathophysiology department, First Medical Faculty, Charles University in Prague. This research group is one of new incoming teams in the…

Interview for Prague Post

20. 12. 2012 Information Publication

Popular article about our work with laboratory animals at IMG and Biocev and about the head of CCP Dr. Radislav Sedlacek was published in issue of Czech English-language newspapers Prague Post. Full text article is available at the Prague Post website.

New publication in magazine Vesmír (12/2012)

05. 12. 2012 Information Publication

Popular article about transgenic technologies and laboratory mouse by our colleagues Dr. Radislav Sedláček and Dr. Vladimír Kořínek was published in December issue of Czech popular science magazine Vesmír. More details and copy of article is available at the magazine webpage.