Open Calls


Open call for collaborative projects “Gene Nomination & Primary Phenotyping” and “Secondary Phenotyping / Line Distribution”

The main objective of this open call is to facilitate access for the wider biomedical research community to a unique phenotyping infrastructure. The Czech Centre for Phenogenomics (CCP) will provide the following services free of charge:

The deadline for first round of applications is 31 August 2020. The deadline for the next call will be announced based on the available capacity.

Applicants select an available gene for KO mouse line production from the iMits database ( Contact us, if you need advice or assistance in searching genes available to you.

CCP will provides first-line phenotyping service free of charge (

Applicants are requested to support selection of their project by preliminary data. It is expected that the service will result in a publication with acknowledgement of CCP service.

Primary phenotyping data will be uploaded to the IMPC database after a grace period.

In this part of the call, free of charge first-line phenotyping of ten mutant lines in total is offered by the CCP.
Applicants can select one mouse line from the first-line phenotyping resource generated by the CCP (

Applicants may apply for:
1) Secondary phenotyping of the selected mice line; the experimental part will be discussed and conditioned
2) Line distribution (either as frozen material or live animals).

Applicants are requested to support their selection by their preliminary data. It is expected that the service will result in a publication with acknowledgement of CCP service.

In this part of the call, three projects for secondary phenotyping and three projects for line distribution are offered by the CCP free of charge.

Eligibility: This open call is open to researchers working for academic institutions and conducting independent/basic research, e.g. universities and research institutes. Both Czech and international applicants are welcome (EU or non-EU). This call is not intended for companies.

Application: Service requests can be made via the application form. Applicant are requested to submit the application to the email address:

Selection procedure: Proposals from eligible users for free of charge access will be subject to a review procedure. The evaluation will be done jointly by an external scientific committee and by the CCP executive board.
Selection will be done merely on quality, impact, and feasibility. Applicants will be informed on the outcome of the evaluation within one month after the submission date. All applications will be handled with strict confidentiality.

Prioritization call in place to support projects investigating the SARS-CoV-2 infection and its treatment

CCP generates rodent models related to diagnosis, treatment and prevention of COVID-19 virus infection (e.g. several serine protease mouse mutant lines).

Proposals will be evaluated and conducted with the highest priority. Project proposals can be submitted by email to

Available resources, service & support:

  1. Generation of rodent disease models (knockout, humanized, etc.), relevant for COVID-19 research. In particular, the CCP can offer several serine protease mouse mutant lines (Prss35, Prss12, Prss21, Prss33, Prss55, Prss37, Prss47, Prss54, Prss48, Prss44, Prss57, Klk12, Klk15, Klk11, Klk13, Klk10, Klk8, Klk5).
  2. Standard cryopreservation and archiving services (sperms and embryos) are maintained.
  3. Advanced secondary phenotyping  pipelines relevant to lung inflammation and fibrosis (including state-of-the-art imaging, immunology, lung function).
  4. Pre-clinical testing (lung inflammation and fibrosis models – clinical biochemistry and histopathology are conducted under GLP conditions).
  5. Metabolomics and MALDI imaging from tissue samples and biopsies depending on capacities.


General service contact:

Specialized service contacts: (model generation, archiving & distribution) (phenotyping & preclinical service)