Engineered Allele Validation Workshop

28. 03. 2023 Course Event

13 September 2023, Vestec, Czech Republic /

MRC Harwell and PHENOMIN-ICS are co-hosting at CCP Phenogenomics 2023 Prague, a workshop to learn more about the principles of analysis and validation of Genetically Altered animals.
Topics covered:
• Principles of allele validation
• Validation of randomly integrated transgenes: Genotyping, copy counting, mapping
• Validation of classically targeted alleles: PCR based methods, Southern, distal loxP
• Validation of GE alleles: Strategies for analysis, G0/G1, Sequencing and copy counting
• Functional validation: Gene products, cre activity

The Workshop will start at 9 am on September 13th and last 4 hours. This will be an interactive in-person event with capacity of 25 delegates to facilitate discussions.

Registration is free but separate from registration to CCP 2023 meeting. Register for the workshop soon at: