IVIM – IntraVital Microscopy Workshop

24. 08. 2022 Event

15-16 September 2022, Vestec, Czech Republic / Accela in collaboration with the Czech Centre for Phenogenomics organizes a workshop on intravital microscopy (IVIM technology).

Explore a technology that enables you to directly observe the movement of live cells that make up living tissue in vivo.

With this technique, it is possible to distinguish an individual cell among a large number of cells in various organs, which is not possible with conventional biomedical imaging technologies such as MRI or CT, and to track the movement of each cell in three dimensions in real-time.

It is also possible to simultaneously image living cells in living organs, surrounding microenvironments, and molecules such as proteins which is impossible with conventional tissue analysis technology.

Furthermore, this enables us to analyze the in vivo efficacy of new biopharmaceuticals such as immunological, cell, gene, and antibody therapeutic agents acting in real living organisms at the cellular level which is the basic structural and functional unit of life.

See more at https://www.accela.eu/ivim-technology/intravital-microscope

Participation in the workshop is free, but registration is required by email to: Dagmar Bezdekova (bezdekova@accela.eu), contact person of the event.

Venue: Czech Centre for Phenogenomics (1st floor – seminar room), BIOCEV Campus, Prumyslova 595, Vestec