13. 04. 2022 Event

8-10 May 2022, Seoul, Republic of Korea /

Insights into the gene function that IMPC and INFRAFRONTIER have consistently explored through mouse models play a crucial role in advancing biomedical science. The meeting will bring together IMPC and INFRAFRONTIER delegates across the globe, as well as domestic experts from academia, research institutes, industries and the government, to comprehensively explore and discuss bioresources for genomic medicine. This in-person gathering, which will resume in about two years, will also enable participants to inspire vigorous and fruitful discussion, elaborate on their ongoing and future study and build a meaningful global network with each other.
The meeting program will include several interesting sessions:
1. Welcome, Introduction and Keynote
2. Rare Disease & Omics in Mouse Model
3. Genetic mouse models in metabolic research: Recent advances in adipose tissue and liver biology (co-organized by Nature Metabolism)
4. Non-coding Gene
5. Microbiome in Mouse Model (Gut-Brain Axis)
6. IMPC WG Wrap Up

For more information and registration visit the meeting’s website.