Embryology, Anatomy, Histology & the Anatomical Basis of Imaging

21. 04. 2021 Course Event News

5 – 16 July, 2021 (On-Line Summer Course)

The third course on Mouse Embryology, Anatomy, Histology, and Anatomical Basis of Imaging will take place on-line. The aim is to provide graduate, master, PhD and postdoc students with basic and expert knowledge to phenotype morphologically mouse models of human diseases. At this course, expert mouse embryologists, anatomists, pathologists and researchers from Europe and the US will give lectures and discuss with the participants different aspects of mouse morphological phenotyping, including examples of mouse models for the major human diseases.

There is no fee for this course. To apply, participants should send a CV and a short letter of motivation to jesus.ruberte@uab.es.

Deadline for application is 15 June 15, 2021.

More info: PATHBIO leaflet