Mouse genome engineering EMBO course

01. 04. 2019 Course Event Information

EMBO, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Technical University in Dresden and Czech Centre for Phenogenomics cordially invite you for a practical course of Mouse genome engineering taking place in Dresden, Germany on 25 August – 06 September 2019.

The mouse remains the main vertebrate model for a wide range of biological problems. The field of mouse genetics was completely reshaped with the advent of new methods for genome engineering harnessing RNA-guided nucleases of the bacterial CRISPR/Cas system. Principally new methods and dramatic improvements in existing techniques arrive with frequency rarely seen in other fields, making it essential for scientists that require mouse genetics for their work to keep up with the rapid progress of the technology to enable the best possible science. An area of mouse genetics that has been gaining traction over the last couple of years is the use of somatic genome engineering, targeting specific tissues and organs in vivo, or ex vivo, in explants or organ-like tissues cultures. These advances allow to address biological problems that require the complexity of the tissue context, without the slow and costly generation of mouse models de novo. This will be a main focus of this iteration of the practical course. This EMBO Practical Course will provide hands-on training in the latest techniques by leading experts in the field, complemented by a strong panel of speakers, including pioneers of CRISPR, mouse developmental biology, genetics and bioethics.

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