Invitation to attend the 2nd INFRAFRONTIER / IMPC Stakeholder Meeting

08. 10. 2018 Event Information PR

We would like to inform you about 2nd INFRAFRONTIER / IMPC Stakeholder Meeting focused to

Advancing Rare Disease Research and Gene Therapy Applications with Animal Models

December 3rd-4th, Hilton Park Hotel, Munich, Germany

The second Stakeholder Meeting of INFRAFRONTIER, the European Research Infrastructure for phenotyping and archiving of model mammalian genomes, will be jointly organized with the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC). Thematic focus of the meeting is on advancing Rare Disease research and gene therapy applications with animal models. The Stakeholder Meeting provides an excellent opportunity to support a better alignment of INFRAFRONTIER / IMPC platforms with current Rare Disease research and personalised medicine initiatives, and supports interactions with human genetics centers and clinical consortia. New partnerships can support the rapid impact of mouse functional genomics analyses on the understanding of human genetic variation and disease, and the translation into diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

Meeting aims are to:

* Raise awareness of INFRAFRONTIER / IMPC platforms among the rare disease community
* Present collaborative mechanisms advancing rare disease research with model organisms
* Present use cases for the utility of model organisms to advance rare disease research
* Present advances in the preclinical testing of gene therapy approaches to cure human diseases
* Strengthen interactions with rare disease and clinical research consortia

Programme outline

* Model organisms facilitate rare disease diagnosis and therapeutic research
* EU collaborative and national initiatives targeting rare diseases
* Regulator and funder perspectives on rare disease modelling and gene therapy applications
* Panel discussion: Advancing rare disease diagnosis and therapeutic research with model organisms – building bridges between basic and clinical research
* Poster session
* Animal models for human gene therapy applications
* Gene editing in gene therapy of human (rare) diseases
* Optimising gene editing for therapeutics
* Gene editing for advanced therapies – Ethics, governance, and society
* Young investigator / stakeholder presentations

Programme details, Registration, Abstract Submission, and Travel Grants

All information are available here:


The INFRAFRONTIER Stakeholder Meeting is open and not restricted to network members.

Meeting registration is required for attendance and records accommodation requirements.
Please register at
The registration information is forwarded to the meeting venue. A direct registration at the Hilton Munich Park Hotel is not required.
Accommodation cost for registered participants staying at the Hilton Munich Park hotel is covered by INFRAFRONTIER.
Stakeholder Meeting attendance is free of charge

Abstract submission

Meeting participants are invited to submit abstracts covering key meeting topics such as using model organisms supporting rare disease diagnosis and therapeutic research, or for research using animal models for human gene therapy applications.
When submitting your abstract you can apply for an oral or poster presentation at the INFRAFRONTIER / IMPC Stakeholder meeting. For oral presentations, preference will be given to Young Investigators.
Abstracts can be submitted using dedicated forms and must be submitted to until October 30th. Selected applicants will be notified by November 15th at the latest.

Young Investigator Travel Grants

INFRAFRONTIER provides Travel Grants for Young Investigators who finished their Ph.D. within the last 5 years. The Travel Grants support travel to the meeting and accommodation at the meeting venue. Selection will be based on submitted abstracts.