UPDATED! Training Course – Mouse vs Human Comparative Morphology

Mouse vs Human Comparative Morphology: Essentials for accurate interpretation of Precision Medicine models.

Important notice from the organizers: the whole course will take place in Prague in September

Although human and mouse have similar anatomical complexity, in general, the level of morphological knowledge is lower in mice than in men. Nevertheless, an accurate interpretation of Precision Medicine mouse models requires a considerable degree of knowledge in mouse anatomy, histology, and imaging, as well as their comparison with human.

The joint course arranged by Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona and Czech Centre for Phenogenomics under the umbrella of Infrafrontier consortium focuses on anatomy, histology and imaging. Lectures will be followed by practical sessions in which participants will dissect specifically the different organs of the mouse body and will work with bone and dissected specimens, radiographs, and images from TEM, micro-CT and MRI, both from mouse and human. For histological practical sessions participants will perform a complete mouse necropsy. They will take tissue samples, fix and process them, and perform a routine Hematoxilin&Eosin stain on paraffin sections. Virtual slides will be interpreted at the end of each histological lecture.

Lecturers: prof. Jesús Ruberte París (UAB), Marc Navarro Beltran (UAB), Jan Prochazka (CCP)

The course will be taught in Prague (03-07 September 2018). Deadline for application is 31 July 2018.

Applications should be sent to: ccp-tam@img.cas.cz and jarmila.sroubkova@img.cas.cz

TUITION FEE: 550 € (includes all course materials, refreshments, two joint dinners and transfers to the course venue)

Accommodation in Prague and travel cost to/from Prague are not included.

Mouse vs Human Comparative morphology course program

More details to follow.