CCP Education & Training

The Czech Centre for Phenogenomics organizes seminars, workshops and trainings focused on advanced phenotyping techniques, genome manipulation, microscopy and data analysis. Participants get theoretical and practical knowledge from the expert instructors, have ample opportunity for discussion and can also bring their own data to work on during the bioinformatics session.

Engineered Allele Validation Workshop

28. 03. 2023 Course Event

13 September 2023, Vestec, Czech Republic / MRC Harwell and PHENOMIN-ICS are co-hosting at CCP Phenogenomics 2023 Prague, a workshop to learn more about the principles of analysis and validation of Genetically Altered animals.Topics covered:• Principles of allele validation• Validation of randomly integrated transgenes: Genotyping, copy counting, mapping• Validation of classically targeted alleles: PCR based…