Certified biosafety level 3 facility (BSL-3) with controlled hygiene loop, decontamination technology and procedures for transfer of animals and biohazard material.

  • Individually ventilated cages (Techniplast Greenline with Smartflow ventilation systems) for short and long term keeping of mice (460 cages) and rats (56 cages). Temperature, humidity and lighting are controlled.
  • Anesthetic station, with treatment administration options of inhalation nebulizer and aerosolizer for direct tracheal dispensation.
  • Biohazard laminar flow box (CytoFAST Elite), laminar flow pass box (PT60-Bi), class II biohazard box (SafeFAST Classic S/D).
  • Monitored deep freezer (-80°C), freezer (-20°C) and fridge (4°) and thermobox for storage of high-risk material and biological agents.
  • Standard and specialized laboratory equipment (centrifuge, filtration and vortex appliances) for work with high-risk pathogens and animal models, personell qualified for different compound administration techniques and sample acquisition for further processing.