Bruker MiniSpec LF90 – new device for body composition analysis in mice and rats

CCP recently implemented a new device for body composition measurements. Bruker’s MiniSpec LF90 whole-body composition analyzer is based on TD-NMR technology (or qNMR) providing a precise method for the measurement of lean tissue, fat, and free fluids in living mice and rats.
We can offer three calibration models: I. for mice 5 to 60 g, II. for obese mice or small rats 40 to 150 g, III. for rats 40 to 700 g.
qNMR scans are quick (about 2 min per mouse/rat). Easy data handling allows upload to our LIMS. Work safety is improved (no harmful magnetic field, no X-ray, no inhalation anesthetics). Animal welfare is also improved because the method is non-invasive & non-destructive, and no anesthesia is required.
qNMR is not only suitable for high-throughput first-line phenotyping but also for in-depth e.g. longitudinal studies with feeding experimental diets or other treatments.