The Power of Mouse Genetics: Opportunities for Genomic and Precision Medicine – The IMPC 2023 Annual Conference

17. 07. 2023 Information News

Experts from the Czech Centre for Phenogenomics participated in the annual IMPC Conference held on 9 – 12 July in Oxford with the following poster presentations:

  • Jana Balounova – Twenty-two-color full spectrum flow cytometry panel for IMPC immunophenotyping of major cell subsets in the mouse spleen
  • Petr Nickl – Adeno-Associated Virus Vectors Enable Efficient Gene Conversion in Mouse Embryos
  • David Pajuelo Reguera – Effect of the number of mice per cage on the amount of body weight lost during overnight fasting, its calculation using an equation and possible influences on IPGTT  
  • Zuzana Nichtova – The role of FNIP1 in development of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and their involvement in muscle type function in Birth-Hogg-Dube syndrome

The report from the conference is available on the IMPC website.

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