Three CCP members joined COST Actions

06. 10. 2021 News PR

Jan Rozman joined the new COST Action CA20135 – Improving biomedical research by automated behaviour monitoring in the animal home-cage. The Action will assess the potential of these technologies, develop user guidelines and standard operating procedures and identify needs for further technological development.

CCP will bring knowledge in preclinical testing in the stroke research field and contribute by relevant data sets from both screening and hypothesis-driven studies closely connected to home cage monitoring.

Jan Prochazka joined the COST Action CA19144 – European Venom Network. The overarching aim of the Action is to foster venom investigation at the European level. The Action will identify priority targets and promising innovative approaches, develop best practice pipelines ensuring consistency across Europe and providing international standards in venom research.

CCP will bring the complementary expertise to the current network, especially in the area of preclinical testing of biological active compounds isolated from animal venoms.

Radislav Sedlacek joined the new COST Action CA20140 – CorEuStem: The European Network for Stem Cell Core Facilities. CorEuStem is composed of experts in stem cell, differentiation, organoids and gene editing technologies with the aim of joining forces and establishing the first European network for harmonizing procedures and protocols, to organise joint training schools for implementing new cutting-edge technologies emerging in the field and to become a reference point in stem cells, differentiation, organoids and gene editing in Europe and beyond.

CCP will be involved especially in the working group dealing with gene editing technologies.