Archiving of Mutant Mouse Strains

17. 04. 2013 Call Information

The Czech Centre for Phenogenomics,
Czech node of
the European Mouse Mutant Archive (EMMA)
is offering free archiving of mutant mouse strains.

EMMA is a non-profit repository for the collection, archiving (via cryopreservation) and distribution of relevant mutant strains essential for basic biomedical research.

Cryopreservation of your strains offers many benefits:

    • It is an inexpensive alternative to long-term maintenance of your colony on shelf.
    • It provides a secure backup of your colony, insuring against accidental loss.
    • It facilitates sharing with other groups in the world; our node performs reanimation and shipment of mice, embryos or sperm.
    • You remain owner of the deposited mouse strain with the material transfer agreement controlled by the depositing PI.

For detailed information about the EMMA network and cryopreservation please visit the EMMA website:
If you wish to archive your mouse strain, please use the online submission form to submit your line.

For general interest in this service please contact the Transgenic Unit of IMG at We will inform you about possibilities and procedures for archiving. If desired, we will be happy to arrange submission of your mouse strain.