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3 2023

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We are very pleased to share news and highlights from the CCP with you as well as updates on the new technologies and upcoming events.
In this issue, you can also read about our new research project on achondroplasia or our activities focused on the public. You can find here also information about the upcoming 5th CCP conference. Don't miss the opportunity to present your research outcomes at the 5th CCP Phenogenomics Conference in the beautiful city of Prague.
The deadline for abstract submission is 20th August.
Enjoy the reading!
Radislav Sedlacek and the CCP team

Programme of the 5th CCP Phenogenomics Conference published

Prague & online, 14th - 15th September 2023
The participation in the scientific part of the conference is free of charge for all academic participants.
Main topics:
  • Rare diseases
  • Experimental models
  • Delivery of therapies
  • Non-coding elements
Keynote speakers:
James Noonan, Yale School of Medicine, United States

Matthew T. Maurano, NYU Medical Center, United States
Invited speakers: Hans Tómas Björnsson, Annique Claringbould, David Gorkin, Illana Gozes, Marián Hajdúch, Hana Hanzlikova, Marcello Maresca, Axel Schambach, Ras Trokovic, Jan Tuckermann, Luca Varani, Norbert Weiss

Engineered Allele Validation Workshop

Prague, 13th September 2023
MRC Harwell and PHENOMIN-ICS are co-hosting at CCP Phenogenomics Conference 2023 in Prague, a workshop to learn more about the principles of analysis and validation of genetically altered animals.
Programme and registration

Towards new therapy: New project on prenatal treatment of achondroplasia funded by the Czech Ministry of Health

Jan Prochazka from CCP together with Pavel Krejci from Masaryk University will thoroughly evaluate FGFR3 inhibitors in prenatal treatment, to rescue premature synchondrose fusion and spinal stenosis in ACH mice. Successful execution of proposed research may significantly advance the ACH therapy and alleviate a lifelong suffering of ACH patients.
Project abstract

Open access to CCP services under transnational calls

Disease Models – Generation of precision cancer mouse models using CRISPR-Cas9 + In-depth cancer-based phenotyping of cancer mouse models.
Morei nformation:

Generation of new study models for SARS-COV-2 research. More information:


CCP at the Science Fair
Hundreds of people interested in biology visited the stand of the Czech Centre for Phenogenomics at the Science Fair 2023, which is the largest popular educational event in the Czech Republic.
Answer of the European Commission to ECI “Save Cruelty-Free Cosmetics – commit to a Europe without animal testing”
EC outlines actions to further reduce animal testing in response to specific objectives of the ECI in the Communication.

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