• We are

    enhancing our understanding of the genetic basis for human diseases

  • Our mission

    is to create a research infrastructure that provides first-class expertise, tools, and services to reveal gene functions in human diseases

  • We are working to

    identify new therapeutic targets for treating human diseases

  • Our research is

    enhancing the understanding of the genetic bases for human diseases


The genomes of humans, mice and other species have been completely sequenced, yet the knowledge of genome sequences as such does not shed light on questions concerning the functions of these sequences. In order to describe biological functions of a gene, informative genetic modifications are introduced into the genes…
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CCP: model generation services

Genetically modified mouse models have become a key tool in basic and biomedical research. The ability to engineer the mouse genome has greatly transformed biomedical research in the last decade.
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The research program is focused onto functional genomics using genetically engineered models and is closely connected to the infrastructure of Czech Centre for Phenogenomics that provides the project indispensable core facilities
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